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Over 15 Years Experience

Providing convenient and headache free solutions

At Mobile Auto Spa our main focus is to provide convenient and headache free solutions for cleaning and maintaining all vehicles and investments. We provide fully mobile automotive detailing across the GTA and surrounding areas. We understand life gets busy and it can be inconvenient to manage logistics of getting your vehicle or fleet cleaned. With our simple booking process, you can choose a day and time that works for you, and we show up to do the rest. We save people and corporations time and money.


In today’s day and age we have everything at our fingertips; and so can our client’s when booking automotive detailing! Our units are fully self sufficient to show up to our client’s destination and perform all services on site. You can now book mobile auto detailing directly from your phone! Book today!


With ample experience in all fields and sectors in the automotive sector including auto detailing & custom paint correction we can provide any service your vehicle needs from A to Z. Our team has the experience to provide every service professionally, efficiently without compromising the integrity of our work. Time is money, and we value our clients time!


Our procedures are designed to produce high quality results in feasible time frames to save you time. From the simplest service and package to complete paint restoration and wet sanding, we got you covered.

Our Team
Our technicians have the experience and procedures in place to provide high quality services in a timely fashion for your vehicles and investments. We are trained to perform safe services around vehicles of all value, from everyday vehicles to exotic and classic garage queens; we can provide a wide array of solutions.
Our Philosophy
Mobile Auto Spa was designed to create an “Amazon Like” experience for our customers to provide mobile automotive detailing at their fingertips. With a fast-paced world which proves society to be thriving off convenient and “Right Now” services; we provide a booking- to- doorstep service where we cater our services around our client’s schedules and lives.

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