Our Services

Save time and money

We are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value in Greater Toronto Area offering convenient hours.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient mobile car wash experience possible.

Express Auto Cleaning

If you’re just looking for some interior options for your next visit with our mobile automotive detailing division we have solutions for you!

Full Auto Detailing

Our mobile automotive detailing teams have the knowledge to perform a wide array of exterior cleaning and restoration services to the exterior of your vehicle.

Fleet Maintenance

Our units also serve as a mobile truck & trailer wash for trucking and logistic companies looking to keep their fleets looking presentable on the road.

Paint Correction & Gloss Restoration

Paint correction, wet sanding & high-speed polishing is an art amongst the services provided in the automotive detailing world and something we have ample experience with.

Exterior Architecture

We are versatile and have solutions for all architectural cleaning and degreasing. Simply fill out this form so one of our agents can reach out to you and come by to quote the job at hand.

Heavy Machinery, Truck & Trailer Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting heavy machinery on site for our clients has proved to be a valuable service we provide for our clients. We can come to your yard or even on site depending on the workspace provided.

Why Choose Us

A great value services

Our technicians have the experience and procedures in place to provide high quality services in a timely fashion for your vehicles and investments. We are trained to perform safe services around vehicles of all values, from everyday vehicles to exotic and classic garage queens we can provide a wide array of solutions.


We can deliver the best result

Mobile Auto Spa was designed to create an “Amazon Like” experience for our customers. With a fast paced world which proves society to be thriving off convenient and “Right Now” services. We provide a booking to doorstep service where we cater our services around our clients schedules and lives.